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Claire A Baker D.I.Y is the place to buy a new kind of designer embroidery kit - one which gives you as much creativity as you want, there are no rules or restrictions.

I'm Claire and I am a practising embroidery artist and doctoral researcher concerned with place, the everyday and the lost. I have based my work within the Chernobyl exclusion zone ever since my first visit in 2015, making strong relationships with some of the aged Babushkas and Dedushkas who still live there.

These designs have been informed and inspired by the Babushkas' traditional & regional embroideries, their strong textile history and, their everyday lives. They belong to a strong and resilient dying community on land that is ‘uninhabitable’ and will be for the next 20,000+ years. I want to tell their stories.

Every kit sold will help to support them.

Photo: Lucy Baker ©2018

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