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This is a truly luxurious embroidery kit and a very limited edition DIY hand stitch kit for the creative who wants more freedom in a kit.

It is completely non-prescriptive so you can do what you want.


  • Purposeful with less stress and no pressure.
  • Contemplative, meditative and mindful.
  • And, featuring a design with a story.


Here is a ready printed design that you can freely bead and /or embroider, with any stitch, any colour (add your own stash!), in any part.


  • Stitch, highlight and embellish to your hearts content with no restrictions.
  • Your interpretation will result in a truly unique embroidery.
  • Find the freedom you have been looking for!
  • For adult stitchers of any level.


Please show us your results @claireabaker_community on Instagram  - our new diy stitch community!

Hana's Rose Beaded Embroidery Kit

SKU: LuxR1
  • Size: [C4-A4] 32cm x 22cm x 2cm

    Kit Contents:

    • Guidelines (rather than instructions)
    • Printed Design 200mm x 280mm (linen look)
    • Board & wadding for mounting
    • 5”  Wooden Embroidery Hoop
    • Embroidery Needle (in handmade envelope)
    • Beading Needle (in handmade envelope)
    • Embroidery Scissors (in handmade envelope)
    • Specialist Beading Thread
    • Selection of Embroidery Threads
    • Selection of Glass Beads
    • Glass crystals (including Swarovski) in pouch
    • Sequins 
    • Inspiration Postcard

    10% of any profits from this kit will be donated to the self-settlers of Chernobyl.

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