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The Babushka and the Headscarf is a picture book about co-creative design. It is a personal portfolio of photographs documenting a series of print samples and silk scarves. The designs are based on the storytelling and embroidery practices of the Babushkas, a small number of ageing women who still live in the Chernobyl exclusion zone following the world’s worst nuclear accident in 1986.


This wonderfully straightforward book visually demonstrates how small print inconsistencies (purposeful or not), can give a uniqueness of character emerging from slight variations in colour and/or screen placement, layering techniques and colour-removal processes.


The Babushka and the Headscarf - Smaller Edition

  • Baby version of the BIG one.


    "WOW!! It is absolutely beautiful and such a wonderful and compelling story. Thank you!" (LL)

    "Something bloomin' gorgeous arrived today! Love it xx" (JS)

    "Book arrived. Tears at the inscription. Tears reading. Tears looking at the beautiful pictures. It’s just so beautiful!" (AMc)

    "Your book is gorgeous and a valuable piece of work" (BG)

    "I'm not opening it as it is my Christmas present to me" (AM)

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