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This beautiful, keepsake folder is comprised of suggestions, personal photographs and stitch illustrations, and contains:


  • Printed 14 Count Tapestry Canvas – 29.7cms x 21cms [A4]
  • Tapestry Needle


Please show us your results @claireabaker_community on Instagram  - our diy stitch community!


50% of profits from this kit will be donated to the self-settlers of Chernobyl.

Valentina's Red Flask - Printed Tapestry Canvas

  • Your printed flask canvas has:

    • the opportunity to use your own stash of old or part-used wools like the Babushkas, giving a unique result and less waste
    • no graphs or counting, just colour it with stitches
    • borders to make stretching & mounting clear and easy
    • exciting possibilities for creative stitchers of any level

    Also available as a cushion front kit containing Appleton’s wools.

    ‘This stitched tapestry design was imagined whilst researching the everyday lives of the Babushkas which indicate a strong regional identity. I am fascinated by the objects in their homes and the stories they tell. They own few artefacts, only things necessary or useful.’   Claire

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